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  1. ninna.cro


    Hello again, I am new here on the forum and speak only English (sorry for that I am learning Greek). I will have a baby in July and am considering using cloth diapers, instead of Pampers and similar. I have found one online store (Ecofamily) but am looking for other options too.. Does anyone know any other places in Athens, Piraeus, P.Faliro etc... or online? Any mommies using cloth diapers for their babies? Thanks a lot Ninna
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and speak only English for now (sorry). Could you recommend places in Greece (online or physical) where I could get good quality baby strollers, carriers & car seats. I am planning to buy a used stroller, preferably 3in1, if in good condition and if not separate basket (car seat) + stroller -> aiming for Maclaren techno xt stroller, but I am also interested for a good Peg Perego, Inglessina or ABC Design 3in1 models. I think I will get this from, as I saw some good offers but any advice on other places to find this is very welcome! Then... I am planning to get a new unused carseat from a store.. Which ones would you recommend in Athens, Piraeus, P.Faliro etc... Brands I am aiming for are: Recaro, Britax Romer, Maxi Cosi, Cybex & Kiddy Lastly - baby carriers.. Have been searching for a used one, but do not want Chicco, Mothercare or Babybjorn (and these are the most common ones to find) If you know a place where I can buy original (used or unused) ErgoBaby, Pognae, Caboo, Boba4g, babyMoov, Lenny, Manduca, Love & Carry, Didymos & Hugabub, please share. THANKS A LOT for all your advices! :confused: Ninna
  3. Hi girls, I just discovered this forum today and would like to join the future mommy community! As you can read, I (unfortunately) do not speak Greek yet, but am exploring the forum with the help of google translate. I am expecting a baby in July and am planning to have a birth in Rea hospital. This is what my husband choose based on the word of mouth from other people. Since I do not speak Greek and do not know many Greek mommies, I am quite clueless of how the system works here and what is good or bad for the birth of the baby. At the moment, I am seeing a doctor which I do not like. I find him rude, disrespectful, not interested and am also having some doubts about him following my pregnancy. For example, from the info I found online, it appears that he prescribed an overdose of iron and folic acid of what is a suggested daily dose all over the internet. I double checked with him and he kept the prescribed dose, which I did not feel safe on taking and was taking less regardless of his advice. Furthermore, it seems he is allowing me to do whatever I ask (I can eat almost everything, drink 2 cups of coffee per day, take tooth x-rays etc...) For digestive problems (since I was taking a pile of iron daily), he prescribed a syrup that activates digestive contractions, meaning it can cause also vaginal contractions, meaning it can also cause a miscarriage! So after all of that, and his unsympathetic behaviour I do not want to see him again, but I have no clue which other doctor to choose. My husband says this guy is a respective dr all over Greece and since our pregnancy is luckily going great, that he doesnt bother with us so much. I dont think I want him to offer a manicure and massage when we come for the dr appointment, but I do expect some basic manners and showing a bit of interest. Now after this long post, my question is: Can somebody recommend the best doctor that they know here (that speaks English). I live in Faliro, so any area up to Athens would work out best, but of course we can drive further if necessary. All I want is a doctor that I will feel comfortable and safe with. THANK you so much for your advices and sorry again for my no-Greek (I am working on it hehe). Best wishes to all, Ninna PS. I am week 22.