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      @Angot σε ποια εβδομάδα ξεκίνησες να νιώθεις όλη μέρα το μωράκι σου?

      17η-18η εβδομάδα το ένιωθα κανονικά  , βέβαια είναι ένα πολύ πολύ πολύ δραστήριο μωράκι , εχω οπίσθιο πλακούντα και  δεν εχω πάρει ιδιαίτερα κιλά (5) στην 27η  δλδ ξεκινησα 57 και ειμαι 62 με ρούχα, το λέω γιατί μ είπαν ότι παίζει ρόλο! ταυτόχρονα  ξεκίνησαν και οι συσπάσεις βέβαια! 

Desperately seeking... mince pies in Athens


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Probably too late now as xmas passed but you can still enjoy them for new year!!!

Actually hard to find but you can get mince meat at AB super market for 2 euro and either make your own pastry and bake them in cupcake tins to get right size(I just used two different size glasses to cut the pastry or the other option is the greek ready kourou pastry.

Hope you did find them and enjoy them and just so you know next year you can order with us from www.britishcornershop.co.uk well in advance!!!Also thanopoulos is another super market well worth exploring!!!

Happy new year!

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Does anyone know where I can find mince pies in Athens? I know I can get mincemeat, but what about the pies themselves? Any brand/type will do. Thank you in advance!

Hi !

You can ask and look for mince pies in some catering firms in Athens othewise you may go to a S.P. near you or in a Hyper market and try looking for this product .

You are welcome !

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